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piCk up不同意思造句

提醒楼主这个词组意思超TNND多,我从网站上给你拷过来得了,比较全.其中你必须掌握的有1,2,6,10 其中二号里可以表示公共汽车在路边"拾客" [一号档案]表示“拾起、捡起”.如:He picked up a pen on the road. 他在路上捡起一支钢笔.

pick up v.掘地, 捡起, 获得, 使恢复精神, 加快, 看到, 随便地认识, 加速 To take up (something) by hand:拿起:用手拿起(某物):pick up a book.捡起一本书 To collect or gather:收集或聚集:picked up the broken pieces of glass.拾起

1. Then I hear the pickup coming back. 然后我听见那辆皮卡开了回来.2.Next month the amount of material recycled should further increase, since charges for garbagepickup will double. 由于垃圾收集的收费在下个月将会加倍,循环再生的材料数

拿起 收拾收集恢复用车接某人加速学会继续,接着

I'll pick you up我来接你.I pick up my glass我拿起玻璃杯.Business is beginning to pick up生意正在好转.Pick up .快点Have you picked up Jim?你看见Jim了吗?When i listen to the music,i picked up some english words.当我在听歌的时候,我偶然学得了一些英语单词.You can`t pick up strangers.你不能随便认识陌生人.也就是说 pick up 有7个意思

I picked up one dollar when I went to school.在去学校的路上,我捡到一块钱. I pick up the litter. 我捡起垃圾.

1、I'll pick you up我来接你.2、I pick up my glass我拿起玻璃杯.3、Business is beginning to pick up生意正在好转.4、Have you picked up Jim?你看见Jim了吗?5、He picked up the child and put her on his shoulders.他抱起孩子让她骑在自己

1.Mary picked up the wallet on the ground. 2.I've got to pick this room up before the guests arrive. 3.Now let's figure out whose car will stop to pick us up. 4.The hotel business always picks up in summer. 5.Bob has never had a French teacher;he

pick up ,拣起什么东西例如:帽子等 ring up, THE DOOR roll up,滚动什么球类的东西 set up, ..火箭 tear up, 撕毁合同等等 use up, 用完什么东西 wake up表示睡觉醒来的等等

拿起:用手拿起(某物) I pick up a book.收集或聚集:Mom picked up the broken pieces of glass整理,收拾:Let's pick up the living room.承载(客人,货物等) The bus

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