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ovEr AnD ovEr AgAin造句

My grandfather tells me that he loves me over and over again.我爷爷一遍又一遍的多次告诉我他很爱我

She did it over and over again. 她不断的去做这件事. I do have free time today. 今天我很有闲(空).

He hurt me over and over again , but vever did he feel sorry about it.

they do simple jobs over and over again. 他们重复作简单的事. he has a lot of free time he spends most of it in the garden. 他空闲时间很多--大都消磨在花园里了

the task has been taken over by my sister.

Tell them over and over how important they are to you and how much they please you. 反复告诉他们,他们对你的重要性以及他们给你带来多大的快乐. I've seen this happen over and over in my life. 这一点在我的生活中反反复复地出现. Say it

He hurt me over and over again ,but vever did he feel sorry about it.

again and again

repeatedly, now and again, once more 仅供参考,欢迎指正

1、adv.一再地; 来回来去; 再三再四;2、例:You mean he painted the same tree over and over again?你是说他一直重复画同样的树?We had to do the scene over and over again, from different angles.我们不得不翻来覆去地从不同的角度拍这个场面.

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