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In this way I can call my family members for free.

some books for free一些免费的书籍

免费 free of charge; free of expense; for nothing; for free; no charge; without charge; without payment; on the house 他让我免费到西班牙度假,我却坐失良机.I missed out on his offer of a free holiday in Spain.向顾客提供免费品尝新饮品.give a free sample of newdrink.免费得到戏票.get atheatre ticket for free.

Tom got two tickets for free,so he invited me to go to the cinema.

give away for free意思就是:免费赠送这里面是两个短语give away和for free的组合用法.give away 英[iv wei] 美[v we] [词典] 赠送; 泄露; 失去; (在婚礼仪式中) 将新娘交给新郎; [例句]He was giving his collection away for nothing他将收藏品无偿捐献出来.for free 英[f: fri:] 美[fr fri] adv. 免费; You get it for free. 你免费就能得到这种服务了.

for free [英][f: fri:][美][fr fri] adv. 免费; 网络 免费的; 免费地; 双语例句 1 What if they all sign up individually for free? 万一他们都以个人身份注册免费使用呢? 2 I heard good things about icbit, which offered accounts for free but charges a commission when you trade. 好消息是,ICBIT可以免费提供账户,但要收取交易佣金.

for 介词 prep. 1.为,为了 They fought for national independence. 他们为民族独立而战. This letter is for you. 这是你的信. 2.代替;代表 We used boxes for chairs. 我们用箱子当椅子坐. 3.因为,由于 I am sorry for what I said to you. 我后悔不该

在周末,除了普通的服务以外我们会免费为你提供有四个菜的晚餐.for free免费ex:I'll do you homework for you for free.我会为你免费做作业……

免费 : free of charge在家学习 : learn / study at home

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