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BE BonD to短语

it was meant to be - 这是'命中注定'的

be forced to 首先解释一下意思,就是被迫去做某事的意思,英语上的话与 have to do sth 近义词. 其次force 是动词,这里采用的是被动语态,被迫去做某事, to后面加行为动词. be forced to do sth. 希望能帮到你..

译:致力于;委身于;以…为己任 commit 本身作为一个及物动词,此处转为被动语态形成固定短语.be committed to sb.

be grateful to 感谢,感激 感激某人做某事be grateful to sb

be important to的同义词组有mean a lot to 等.be important to 对…重要 例句 No one really knows what knowledge and skills will be important to you later in life.没有人会预料到哪些知识以及技能会对自己未来的生活很重要.mean a lot to 全部, 对…意义重大 , 意义重大 , 很有意义 例句 You mean a lot to me, I cannot lose you any longer!你对于我太重要,我不能再失去你!

没有问题.be bound to将要

I am going to have my hair cut.You are going to see him, are you?She is going to shopping.I am going to go to the library.They are going to have some fun.He is going to the shops.Are you going to the cinema?Are they going to join us?Is he going to

不是. entitle 做及物动词 vt. . 给权力(或资格) .可以组成词组: entitle sb to do sth .给某人权力做某事. 那么这个词组的被动楼主应该会吧.即be entitled to do sth. 还有 给(书等)题名;给称号 的意思,后面是跟双宾语. be entitled to后面可以加to do sth,也可以加to sth.前者表示有权利做,后者表示有权利获得某样事物. 其实这也没什么难理解的. be entitled to do sth说明这是to不是介词, be entitled to sth说明to 是介词,这说明与 entitled 连用to有两种词性,本身不冲突.


e able to=can ,be动词随着主语和时态的变化而变化.希望能够采纳:He has been able to run quickly since 10 years ago,例如,后面用动词原形

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