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英文自我介绍怎么介绍实习经历,我在公司财务部和银行实习过?求答案 谢谢


dear judges, hello. my name is goofy, from zibo in shandong province, i was a character gentle, optimistic person, i like rock music, basketball, swimming, reading, i like this job empty the, because i like the blue sky white cloud, i hope i can give my

My major is accounting, bachelor's degree. I have passed CET-4 successfully in four years. I have obtained the qualification certificate of accounting computerization and accounting profession. I have worked hard in every subject of finance. I am

I worked as an intern in the Finace Department of Real Estate Development Co. Ltd in XX of XX Province.

General Introduction* I am a third year master major in automation at Shanghai Jiao Tong University, P. R. China. With tremendous interest in Industrial Engineering, I am writing to apply for acceptance into your Ph.D. graduate program. Education

本人就读工程学校,自2006年以来在会计礼服公司.审查的文件和会计凭证,负责有关的会计处理,编制会计凭证,附属分类账和总分类账各种登记.成本会计.工资计算.编制会计报表,完成纳税申报.在这之前我在一家公司工作的cachier.cash reimbursementof费用,有关审核原始凭证,银行certificate.journal现金,银行.发行增值税发票.准备银行资产负债表,并协助完成财务经理和其他有关工作

Afternoon is good! I call *, presently goes study to the ZhejiangUniversity finance department, will graduate in July, 2008 and attainseconomic bachelor the degree. Studies the period in the university, I continuously attempt to seekthe study between

My name is XXX, graduated from sanya city vocational college, tourism management is warm and generous, treat people and polite, is good at communicating, serious-minded cautious, is a responsible girl. I believe that relies on the way I

Hello, everyone, I call A, 24 years old this year, I graduate from financial college, there are three years, bank working experience, although hope with now be engaged in of the profession relate to not and greatly, I feel me to still learn to some

Good morning(afternoon) sir/madam, my name is XXX. I just graduated from XXX university and majored in finance/accounting. I'm applying for the position of Finance Assistant in your company, which I believe I'm qualified for. "careful and

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