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学校要组织艺术节,现在有A pink的rEmEmBEr、SistA...

建议要A pink的.因为那首歌copy好跳,很简单,甚至自学都可bai以.少女时代的歌舞步难,不太建议.sistar的歌曲舞蹈露du骨..恐怕大家上去跳效果zhi不好.也不要搞串烧,毕竟舞蹈零基础,三个舞蹈曲风dao只有remember和party相同,很难搞串烧.

a:every time i see a young girl dressed in white shirt and pink skirt, i remember the old days in my childhood.b:oh, the same always happens to me.a:yeah? when i was in school, i was the prettiest girl in my class. lots of boys followed and flattered me

I Remember Looking back at these past three years I remember many things Trying to be on time for morning readings Running when the lunch bell rings I remember the excitement Of the school sports day each year The many long hours of training

[图文] the only thing I can remember reading by him was "The Pearl" when I was in middle school,but I couldn't agree more with the man when it comes to fishing.Whether I am on a boat in the middle of Lay Lake,


Today, economy is advancing at a fast pace and together with it, the climate. Greenhouse gases is getting more and more and the world ,with its rising temperature, is having a 'fever". Due to the icebergs melting rapidly, the sea level is increasing

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