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Now there is XXX University electromechanical integration professional XXX students practice in our procurement department from June 19, 2013 to August 10, 2013. The student internship is the general material purchasing engineer is

We have ___ school ____ professional ____ students internship in _ Chinese Ping An Bank branch in Shanghai in the __2014__ year __02_ month __10__ day to __2014__ years _05_ months __9_ days. The students practice main practice in

你好,原文 xxx系我校xxxx级xx系学生,该生于xxxx年x月至xxxx年x月,由我校安排于xx公司,进行一个学期的实习工作.因此,该学生xxxx年第一学期并无学科成绩. 特此证明 英语翻译 XXX is a student of xx department, grade XXXX of our

This is XX University XX professional XX students practice in the Agricultural Bank of China branch of XX from July 1, 2013 to August 8, 2013.The students in my practice, major practice in the business hall, directly under the branch directly under

实习证明求翻译成英文Internship certificate for translation

"Internship Testimonial"--------------------------- This is to confirm that XI YU FEI had from 23rd July to 23 August 2010 participated as an INTERN in our company's China International Moulding Technology and Equipment Exhibition. YU FEI assisted

Here we certify that ***(ID**) had the experience of Intern in Investing Dept, Guangzhou Branch of China Constrauction Bank. *** is a young man with great potential, who's very interested in Bank Investing with his strong enthusiasm and

Internship certificateThis is to certify that XX (学号)in Grade 2008 at College of media , majoring in Advertising professional. The said student enrolled in Sept. 2008 and is expected to internship in July to September 2012 .In the XX television

mechanical and electrical integration professional xxx is xxx university students on june 19, 2013-2013 on august 10, worked as an intern in our company purchasing department.the student's internship is general material purchasing engineermainly

Internship Qulification(学生名),from (学校名),started his internship at our company on (日/月/年)and ended on (日/月/年).During the student's internship he/she put much effort into his work and study. He/She had been proficient at

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