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请求好心人帮我翻译几段英文,不要金山或者在线翻译的软件翻译出来的. 谢谢大家了 我在线等.

Public evaluation in modern social scale, is a country to treat animal attitude, is an important sign to measure the degree of social civilization, and animal welfare issues rise to the level of legislation, is a sign of social progress. Therefore, "the


too much for only 80.

在有动物保护法的国家,小区公寓的大楼是基本不允许养狗的.主要原因一是公寓周围没有可以遛狗的公园或场地,狗住在这里不会快乐;in nations of having animal protection law ,the dog is forbid in community in orientation .the main reason is

It is always saide that the key to success is continueous hard work,and only it only appears after your trying hard.But sometimes ,things do not like they are,the key of success lies in opportunities.Then we failed to succed no matter how much energy

Reid to gain from the war and handed over the money dedicated to his love for her, what to buy what to buy, he not only met all her material desires, but also so that only Scarlett and I greatly limits Peng significant.That is why, whether Reid is a stop at


I don't need to be anything other 我不需要成为别的什么Than a prison guard's son 情愿做狱警的儿子I don't need to be anything other 我不需要成为别的什么Than a specialist's son 情愿做专家的儿子I don't ha

1. Walmart的竞争优势的要点. 2. 欢迎提出问题和疑虑. 3. 享用特别的信誉以提高客户满意度 4. 检视过去一天的销售情况. 5 和同业比较,要特显Walmart 6. 为求每天都能令顾客100%满意.

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